Nation 2 Nation is the Ministry of
Pastor Madeleine Kerzner - Unblocking the Hebraic Wells in Yeshua 


Born in the City Of London , She is a Pastor/Teacher and Prophetic Intercessory Worship Leader and believes for signs and wonders from Jesus our Messiah wherever she goes.  For Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever ! Her Ministry name is Nation 2 Nation from 1 Chronicles 16. 

Madeleine was ordained as a Pastor in 2000 and has a gift of teaching and preaching God's Word. specialising in her Jewish background and the Hebraic Roots,
 His Banqueting tables (Hebraic Feast Series ) and she also has two worship albums, Nation 2 Nation and The Great I Am was released on Integrity Europe.

Madeleine does extensive  work within the Jewish Community in Golders Green and Hampstead in London and is part of the Kindertransport Committee UK , and works with Holocaust and Kinder transport survivors around the nation.
Madeleine is also a Radio Presenter on Premier Gospel Radio Every Sunday 7-9am and Sunday 4-6pm & DAB Radio 
She is an affiliated Pastor with Family Covenant Churches with Bishop Henry Muzhari and co Pastors FCC London .
 Affiliated Pastor with Kingdom Worship Movement with Noel Robinson 

Madeleine has a powerful testimony of redemption from a wild lifestyle in Rock and Roll drink & drugs etc when she was a Lead Singer/Songwriter in the Rock and Roll Industry for 10 years. In 1991 she encountered The Great I Am (Jesus)  in a Damascus Road Experience.

more details on the testimony page