Nation 2 Nation is a ministry led by Pastor Madeleine Kerzner, who was born in the City of London. Madeleine is a pastor, teacher, and prophetic intercessory worship leader who believes in signs and wonders from Jesus our Messiah. She came into full-time ministry in 1993 was ordained as a pastor in 2000 and has a gift of teaching and preaching God's Word, specializing in her Jewish background and the Hebraic Roots. 

Her ministry name, Nation 2 Nation, comes from 1 Chronicles 16. Madeleine also has two worship albums, Nation 2 Nation and The Great I Am, which was released on Integrity Europe. She has also recently released an EP with a new single called REST and Great Things .. has more songs coming soon.

She is also a teacher of the Lord's Hebraic Feasts with Nation 2 Nation and sharing with churches around the United Kingdom, Passover, Pentecost and much more..unblocking the hebraic wells in Yeshua.

Apart from her ministry work, Madeleine is also involved in extensive work within the Jewish community in Golders Green and Hampstead in London. She is part of the Kindertransport Committee UK and works with Holocaust and Kinder transport survivors around the nation. 

Madeleine is also a radio presenter on Premier Gospel Radio every Sunday from 7-9 am and 4-6 pm, which is available on DAB radio and online at 

Madeleine is an affiliated pastor with Family Covenant Churches with Bishop Henry Muzhari and co-pastors FCC London. She is also an affiliated pastor with Kingdom Worship Movement with Noel Robinson since 2008. 

Madeleine has a powerful testimony of redemption from a wild lifestyle in rock and roll, drink, and drugs. She was a lead singer/songwriter in the rock and roll industry for ten years before she encountered The Great I Am (Jesus) in a Damascus Road Experience in 1991. You can find more details about her testimony on the testimony page of her ministry website.