2nd Generation Holocaust Survivor

Kerzner Family History

Madeleine Kerzner 

MUM: Astrid kerzner (phillips/ Goldberg) 

Astrid Kerzner was born in Glasgow her mother was half Jewish and Irish/Scottish .  Her Jewish family were Goldberg and Goldsteins from Russia who immigrated in the late 1890's to Northern Ireland County Antrim , they went onto change their name to Phillips and immigrated to Glasgow Scotland.   My Mum was born in Glasgow descending from Russian Jews and Irish Scottish Catholics. 

Astrid Kerzner was born in Glasgow , her mother Elizabeth Phillips was born in County Antrim, Northern Ireland and was Irish/Scottish/Jewish . 

Having never know her father and after doing a DNA test she found out her Father was English studying at Glasgow University. 

Her Irish and Scottish roots from County Antrim, Edinburgh and Aberdeen and Glasgow with some Scandinavian (DNA results :-) 

 Astrid Kerzner  is a born again believer in Jesus and goes to Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) Kensington London.



Dad - Mum and Uncle Norman Kerzner